Fenugreek Seed


Our Fenugreek Methi seeds are full with goodness of all the essential nutrients that are required for controlling the blood pressure and the level of sugar in the blood. The fenugreek seeds are grown in large amount in the areas of India, North and South Africa. We are one of the finest ground fenugreek exporters from India. The dried fenugreek seeds are grounded and used in curries as a spice. The fenugreek seeds are used to add taste to the sea foods. Along with adding taste to food it also helpful in various other uses like increasing breast milk, improving digestive system, etc. Besides, it has multiple uses in the products like soft drinks, ice-creams, chewing gums, etc. From the medical point of view it is also used to prepare tonics, hair conditioners and lip balms.

Origins and cultivation:
Native of the Mediterranean region, it is also cultivated in the subcontinent of India. The word Trigonella, meaning little triangle, is from the shape of the flowers, and foenum-graecum means Grecian hay, a name to it by the Romans because it was a common crop in Greece.

Fenugreek seeds have been used medicinally since ancient times. In India, the seeds are used in curries and the fresh plant is eaten as a vegetable. The ground seeds are used, with other aromatic ingredients, to produce artificial maple flavoring, used in confectionary.