Sesame Seeds



Natural Sesame Seed contains all the natural nutrients of sesame seeds; it is rich source of edible Oil & is counted among the most nutritious seed because of its protein & valuable amino acids content. It is cleaned as per buyer requirements to assure quality and safe food standards.
It is available as Natural White, Black, Brown, Golden and Crushing Quality in variety of grades.

Natural white sesame seed
Natural whitish 99/1, purity 99.90%, Sortex cleaned
Natural whitish 99/1, purity 99.50%, machine cleaned
Natural whitish 99/1/1, purity 99%
Natural whitish 98/2/2
Crushing Grade  sesame seed (for oil extraction) natural and hulled

Natural black sesame seed:
Black, Sortex cleaned, 99.95% purity
Black, machine cleaned, 99.50% purity
Black 99/1/1
Black 98/2/2

10kg 15kg , 25kg, 50 kg


Hulled Sesame Seed


The husk (skin) of these seeds is removed & hence is called as “Hulled Sesame Seeds”. Prior to hulling process, these sesame seeds undergo process of fine cleaning to ensure that the product retains its highest desired level of purity, richness & nutritional value.
Physical Properties :
Color: White – Whitish
99.95% (Regular),
99.97% (Semi- Premium),
99.98% (Premium)
Appearance: Oval
FFA : 1.50% max
Moisture: 5.00% max