Solo Garlic


Solo garlic, also known as single clove garlic, The size of the single clove differs from approximately 10 to 30 mm in diameter. Solo Garlic or Single Clove Garlic is special garlic that has only one clove of garlic which is very beautiful oval and round in shape. Normal garlic has various cloves joined together but solo garlic or single clove garlic has one round shape clove which is like onions. Solo garlic doesn’t have any seed they are found together with the normal garlic crop, to be more specific they are found naturally when there is a change in climate and become solo garlic automatically. There is no such proper reason why the solo garlic is found, but they are very rare and found less in quantity. We are central India’s biggest supplier of solo garlic and we export solo garlic in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Yemen. We export solo garlic by air in normal cargo and by the sea in reefer containers. Comparison with Chinese solo garlic, Indian solo garlic are small in size around 1-2 cms and more cylindrical in shape, instead of full round like onion Indian solo garlic are not full round in shape, their skin is mostly white and sometimes light purple lines are there on some garlic.

Solo garlic is mostly used by heart patients as suggested by doctors apart from Black garlic manufacturers and medical drug manufacturers who use that for further processing. The variety is a rare one with limited availability which makes it highly demanded by its customers.